Intervention Day 1..



Initially we debated Philip’s immigrant identity – she believed that he had “status” which allowed for a classification apart from immigrant. Could this be connected to the conflation of race issues in immigration discourse?
It was a beautiful exchange, and we agreed upon the fact that actually Phillip was an immigrant. His status has since changed, but, immigrants are not a specific other. It is simply a migrant in a country that is not their own.
On the narratives of the press, she expressed mistrust and skepticism at the discourse stating, “I don’t judge people until I see it for myself”
“no one is better than me, and I’m no better than anyone else, we’re all equal”

This lady was exceptional. South London born and raised, she shared much, and asked much about my own journey. She brought up BREXIT and was disappointed more people weren’t out on the streets campaigning to remain.

All around enjoyable encounter. The lady had preconceptions of what immigration means, but believed in the inherent good in people, identifying media and dominant narratives as culprit for anti-immigrant views.

Gentleman was accompanied by his camera shy wife – who did most of the talking..
Retold a story of Prince Philip being “born on a kitchen table in Greece”.
This jolly and amiable couple were correct. When asked how they felt about him being an immigrant, they replied by stating his military service in the second world war has earned a place in the country.
Perhaps this was due to the negative associations formed when hearing the word immigrant, or perhaps my agenda shone through the mask of neutrality I attempted to present. Regardless, there was a sense of deserving a place in the country.
I was unable to delve deeper into this idea of earning one’s place in the country due to the location and nature of these short and playful interactions. But this may align with prior research, on the ideas of the benefits of the country and the distribution of host resources.


This gentleman was unsure, but guessed England.
When informed that Prince Philip was an immigrant, he was relatively shocked. It was beyond surprised and prompted some internal thoughts that I was unable to learn.
This gentleman migrated here recently, and was unfamiliar with much of British history. However, he was familiar with the narratives in the press. Which I believe caused his shock at learning that the royal family itself is comprised of immigrants.



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