The Workshop

Went really well. Participants were really forthcoming, had some great perspectives and had a genuine interest in the issues we were discussing.

The collage format worked very well. Providing activities that kept us busy, but allowed us to discuss issues at the same time. It was also a very good method of externalising internal thoughts, feelings and beliefs. It would appear that the value asserted by IDEO is valid.

It was a lot of fun, and personally felt like a great environment to be in. Good vibes.

In terms of empathy levels, these people already cared! I feel that the next iteration must include people with far lower levels of empathy for and engagement with migrants.

The icebreaker has a lot of potential, it creates discussion from a position of empathy, where participants share the reasons for taking one item – the only item  they could keep if they were forced to migrate.

I actually feel there is potential for a speculative workshop here also and would certainly like to experiment with different playful, engaging and productive activities in the workshop format.

Images follow.


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